Professional subletting of villas and apartments in Stockholm

Our tenants are only larger, listed companies with a high credit rating and selected embassies that are looking for a second home for their staff from 6 months up to 5 years. A complete rental service for those who want to rent to companies. We do not provide rental properties to private individuals or to those who are applying for temporary short-term contracts.

Sublet your home to companies

Estate Fastighetsbyrå AB has a long experience of subletting and selling private homes. In Stockholm, we previously worked under the name Ersman & Gergils and for 16 years we provided hundreds of homes to company staff and embassies.

Several of our employees are registered real estate agents and are subject to the Real Estate Agents Act and are members of the Real Estate Association (FMF and MF).

Comprehensive range of services for subletting

In our assignment, we help you with:

  • Marknadsföring av din villa eller våning mot de bästa tänkbara hyresgästerna genom vårt väletablerade kontaktnät via personliga utskick till våra samarbetspartners, företagens HR-avdelningar, ambassaders konsulat, Internet – om så önskas, etcetera.
  • Fotografering med professionell utrustning. Med ett vant öga hjälper vi dig att få fram det lilla extra som just din villa eller våning har att erbjuda.
  • Personliga visningar av din bostad, alltid med en registrerad fastighetsmäklare från Estate Uthyrning samt med en representant från företaget och/eller den familj som ska bo i bostaden.
  • Kontraktskrivning med upprättande av hyresavtal och avstående från besittningsskydd.
  • Tillträde samt upprättande av besiktningsprotokoll av bostadens skick.
  • Kontaktlänk under hela uthyrningsperioden.

Register your home for subletting through the form below or call us on +46 (0)8 – 611 99 45. Once we have received your application, we will contact you for a personal review and viewing of the property before we start marketing it. In connection with this, the home is also photographed and information such as floor plans and more are collected. Contact us for more information.