Our philosophy

Greater commitment to each sale

We at Estate Fastighetsbyrå only work with a few properties at a time. This gives us the opportunity to better focus on your property sale, which is reflected in the prices we sell for.

For us, the real estate profession is a craft

We advocate genuine craftsmanship. With us, no agent has more than two real estate deals per week and we are heavily involved in each individual sale in order to provide maximum service to all stakeholders. Our reputation is created from our previous buyers and sellers, who continuously recommend us to friends and colleagues.

Our service always includes:

  • Consultation of stylist, if desired
  • Professional photography
  • Measurement of living space, if the area is questioned
  • Hardcover object description with professional print
  • Viewings with registered real estate agents
  • Declaration assistance after the sale

Preparation is everything

We always start by collecting a lot of information about the apartment or property, including from the tenant-owner association’s board or trustee, the land survey’s property register, the municipality’s websites, detailed plans and of course from you. Then we look at what has been sold in the local area in recent months and what is for sale right now to get an idea of the price picture.

The property is photographed inside and out by a professional photographer who delivers high quality images. We know from experience that good and properly lit images are a very important factor for the sales result. The same applies to the impression of the home at the viewings, so a simple styling is recommended.

When all the preparatory work is finished, we compile everything in a nice, well-packaged and informative object description that contains everything essential a potential buyer should know. The object description is printed and then packaged in a brochure.

Maximum exposure of your home

The most important marketing channel for us is the internet. Surveys show that over 90 percent of all speculators come from online advertising. We use all the major websites on the market today as well as social media. For example, hemnet.se, bovision.se, dn.se/bostad, msn.se and our own Facebook page and website.

In addition to online advertising, you can of course use traditional print media, for example in Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri, Financial Times or Dagens Nyheter.

Three types of viewings

Our basic idea is that we show each apartment and property in three ways:

1. Personal viewings for the customers we have in our unique register who book an appointment with us before or after the open viewing.

2. Open “Sunday viewing”.

3. Extra viewing of the apartment, for example on Monday evening and thereafter by appointment.

We follow up the screenings by calling all visitors to secure their financing and initiate any bidding. A bidder must have an approved loan or secured financing before the bid is received.

Bidding is open, which means that all bidders have full insight into all bids received. After bidding is completed, we hand over bidding history to those who wish.